• Our Mission & Values

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  • Our Mission

    Our focus is pretty simple. We work with buyers and sellers with an interest in properties  where the land and the water are the differentiating factors including views, terrain, natural springs, streams, rivers and lakes. These differentiating factors are as unique to each property as are fingerprints to humans and we aim to highlight the value of each.

    Our Values

    At Land and Water we highlight the unique characteristics that set your property apart from the rest and make it a point to educate the buyers and sellers to these features throughout the listing and selling process. We don’t operate with a blanket price per square foot and price per acre as basic realtors often do. We feel that while that pricing approach might get you in the park, you’re not yet playing ball. We aim to play ball.


    At Land and Water we understand that all property is not created equal. The soils, the vegetation, the topography, the orientation, the water features, just to name a few, all have a tremendous effect on the value of real estate and we are positioned to highlight these attributes to position each property in all its glory.


    Land and Water Realty was created to fill a void in the real estate market. While we follow and understand market trends very well, but we are not your trendy broker. Our belief is that the true value of the real estate is in the land and water features of the property, not in a trendy tile backsplash that will be replaced in 10 years.


    We understand the intricacies and unique features of the properties and are skilled at reading the land. From historic homesteads to naturally integrated log homes.


    We’re back to the basics of what really matters in real estate, where the forest, farmland, rivers and streams are the real estate, we simply live in it.

    Our Specialties

    • Large Estates

    • Farms

    • Hunting and Fishing Properties

    • Waterfront and Unique Water features

    • Vacant Land

    • Historic Homes

    • Log Homes and Cabins